Shows with some kind of supernatural theme have been around since the dawn of modern television as we know it, but they weren’t always the popular hits that seem to crop up again and again in modern television culture. To honor those that came before us, let’s look at some supernatural shows which were sent to the television afterlife far before their time.

The 4400 (2004 – 2007)
The 4400 was a unique show which had an interesting premise: people who had disappeared years before–some just a few years, while others for decades or more–suddenly reappear on Earth. No one has any recollection of where they were or what has happened to him, but every one of them suddenly has a new, strange ability–such as telepathy or even telekinesis. The government catches wind of “the 4400″ and tries to capture them and eliminate or at least decrease their abilities, usually to no avail. The show ran for four seasons, but was ultimately axed before all of the show’s otherworldly mysteries could be solved.
Moonlight (2007 – 2008)


Ah, Moonlight. This vampire show was cancelled just before the success of Twilight skyrocketed vampires into mainstream media—perhaps if NBC had given it another season, it would have proven just as popular as later shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Moonlight told the story of Mick St. John, a vampire who works as a private investigator and finds himself falling in love with a human while trying to deal with the demons (or, in his case, vampires) of his past. The blend of romance, mystery and drama would have been right at home in the modern supernatural TV ‘market.’
Brimstone (1998 – 1999)


Brimstone was just too ahead of its time. Brimstone followed the story of a detective who finds himself in hell because he murdered a man–even though the man the detective killed was the murderer of his wife. The detective makes a deal with the devil, literally, by agreeing to use his detective skills to track down 113 people who have managed to escape from hell and bring them back where they belong. If he succeeds, he will be able to escape from hell and enter heaven. Click right here to check out all the current supernatural television programming.


MasterChef Junior, which had its American premiere in the 2013 fall season, is a twist on the traditional MasterChef that millions of viewers have come to know and love. The “Junior” version of the show has a major twist, as indicated by the name: instead of using adult contestants, all of the contestants on MasterChef Junior are actually children.

masterchefjuniorWhen the series was first announced, many potential viewers wondered—just how would the show, which is notorious for its tension, drama and screaming antics, work with children? But MasterChef Junior’s first season has not only excellent ratings, but popular and reviewer praise as well.

In fact, it can easily be said that MasterChef Junior is an even better show than the original MasterChef: and here are some great reasons why.

The contestants support each other.

In the original MasterChef, it is hard to find any contestants who seem to genuinely support and care for one another—unless they’re trying to make an alliance just in case things get hairy. In the Junior version, all of the children seem to support one another, to the point where everyone is sad (and many even cry) when anyone goes home. It is much more satisfying to see people supporting each other than constantly backstabbing and tearing each other apart.

The food is more understandable.

In the original MasterChef, most of the food that the chef’s make can seem inaccessible to the regular home cook watching at home. In Junior MasterChef, however, the food they make is almost like a “mini haute cuisine.” It is delicious enough to be on MasterChef, but understandable enough for a home chef to get their own ideas based on the food that the kids make. And part of the fun of watching cooking shows is getting to try to remake dishes on your own, which gives “Junior” the edge over the original.

Viewers actually learn more about food and cooking.

There is little to be learned in the original MasterChef, other than “don’t ‘eff up a $200 lobster dish.” In the Junior version, however, Ramsey and the other judges are more than happy to give the contestants advice on tips when they are cooking. One episode even had Ramsey helping out a girl who had burned her dish, which ended up saving her from elimination! Jump over to this website to sign up and watch this and other great television shows on Charter Cable.


It is interesting to look back on trends with certain TV shows and how and why they went the way they did.  During the 80’s there were a lot of private detective shows, many of which I have written about.  They were always some of my favorites and while I haven’t seen many of them lately, I have a feeling most have aged well.

One of the first and most popular was Magnum PI, starring the trendsetting, icon mustache having Tom Selleck.  I freely admit to having mad man love for Selleck.  The dude is a freaking stud and I can see why he became such an enduring sex symbol, beginning here on this show.

Magnum was a cool dude.  He lived in Hawaii and fought crime, all the while wearing shorts and sandals and getting a tan.  What more could anyone want?  Part of the appeal of a character like Indiana Jones or James Bond is that man want to be them, they want to have the same charisma and share in the same adventures.

Magnum PI

Magnum PI

I’d want to be Magnum.  Who wouldn’t?  He gets to live near the beach, live in the huge mansion of a reclusive writer and go around and punch bad guys for a living.  And score whatever babe happens to be around during the episode.  Life wasn’t perfect for him.  Higgins was annoying and often put a crimp in his style but that’s an easy price to pay for his pretty cozy lifestyle.

Because Magnum proved his prowess as an investigator early on, this recluse, voiced by Orson Welles but never seen, allows him to live on his beautiful estate, solving cases whenever the moods suits him.  Man, sign me up!  Selleck finds a good rhythm between manly competence and easy going beach bum, showing both his charm and considerable acting talent.

He seems like a great guy on screen, never taking things too seriously yet he is serious enough to make the situations seem real, even when it is a bit outlandish, like some strange guy letting him drive his Ferrari whenever he wants.  Why can’t I get a gig like that?  This TV series is one of the reasons that I like my subscription to Time Warner Cable.


steve-ballmer-microsoft-ceoMicrosoft’s current CEO, Steve Ballmer, is soon to retire after his 13-year reign with the software conglomerate. With no replacement on the horizon as of yet, how will this affect Microsoft’s future and their potential product line?

In the past, Ballmer has been repeatedly criticized regarding several issues including his risky venture implementing the latest operating system – Windows 8. Rather than taking the plunge into other potentially profitable endeavors, he took the familiar and categorical approach in order to retain market dominance.

Mobile Domination

One of Microsoft’s potential avenues for great success was the Windows Phone. Indeed, Microsoft had a smartphone operating system long before the rest of the world was keen to the likes of iPhone. Even though Windows Mobile was somewhat awkward and clunky to use, it still had the potential to rule the world someday. Unfortunately, while Microsoft was preoccupied with other projects, Google and Apple ran wild with iOS and Android.

While the Windows Phone has shown a bit of progress over recent months, it’ been almost three years since it first debuted. If it’s going to be a real contender in the global market, it must build more momentum and clout. The question is – when Ballmer steps down as CEO, will his successor push the Windows Phone and hardware package further to ultimately focus in the direction of the tablet and mobile market? The answer remains to be unseen along with the idea that several industry experts are disparaging the mainstay of the traditional PC.

Relevancy is Key

Perhaps one of the major criticisms of Ballmer’s stint at Microsoft was the implementation of relevancy regarding the tablet and mobile market. While he has been a success at supervising the latest iterations of nearly every product, innovation has been the missing key factor. Innovation equals money in the eyes of consumers.

Timing is Everything

In all honestly, Microsoft is genius in terms of ideas and ambitions. It does however seem to have a problem with timing. Microsoft had the technology in its hands before any of its competitors even had a means to bring their products to market. With that said, it is one thing to create a great product, but another to convince the masses that it’s the way of the future.

As Ballmer recesses from the limelight, the world is an open book in terms of product ingenuity and market innovation for the future of Microsoft. Everyone will be watching and waiting to see what happens next.


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It can be frustrating to have the channels, but not the time to watch them. With Time Warner Cable, you can watch your shows, on your time, no matter what time that is. You can do this with a DVR, or an HD-DVR. The DVR can record hours of standard definition and the HD-DVR can record hours of standard and HD definition.

With a DVR or HD-DVR, you can record from multiple channels at the same time, with the ability to record an entire season of your favorite series without the reruns. You can play back recorded programming while you record more, and store it as long as you need to.

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Time Warner Cable can also provide your home with a reliable digital home phone service. You can do away with counting minutes and buying calling cards. Let Time Warner Cable help you save money on your calling plan with unlimited local and long distance calling to any location in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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When Escort introduced the Passport 9500ix detector I just had to have one! I ordered one with the blue display & I absolutely loved this device.

I decided to visit my go to source for unbiased info on the latest in radar enforcement & detection, Radar Roy. Reading recent post I ran across this new Escort SmartRadar. I couldn’t believe how cool this new detectors was. The detector actually installs behind your rear view mirror completely out of sight!

The SmartRadar comes in two versions, iPhone or Android. The ability to integrate the detector with a smartphone defines the old saying “big things come in small packages”.

Now I have to tell you, since I’ve had the SmartRadar installed, I have been absolutely thrilled with it! The Escort Live! network is also pure genius.

I would have to say the Escort SmartRadar is definitely a smart buy & a no regret purchase. Also with its ability to be updated online via Escort’s Detector Tools software, you can rest assured you will have the latest & greatest everywhere you travel!


With Dish Network Satellite TV, one package can meet all of your home programming and mobile programming needs. Pick from one of six programming packages that include all the sports or movie and family programming you could ask for. These packages have various channels and pricing so that you can pick the channels you want the most and the price that is the most comfortable to you.

You can’t truly enjoy programming that you never get to watch, so you may want to take a look at one of the advanced HD-DVRs Dish has to offer. The newest one is the Hopper, an HD-DVR that can record up to six primetime shows automatically to keep them for up to eight days. This takes up no room on the 2 TB hard drive so that you can have up to 2,000 hours of storage for standard definition programming or up to 250 hours of storage for HD programming.

This device can help you find your remote when you lose it and skip commercials on primetime four different primetime channels. It can also give you access to all of your live programming, your On Demand programming and your recorded programming from your tablet, laptop or smartphone when you are away from home.

You can catch up on your shows while taking your lunch or enjoying your coffee in the park. If you won’t have internet access at work, download the shows you want to see before you leave your house and you can watch them when you get ready. This is the Dish Anywhere service, working with the Hopper, to bring you the type of programming you want, when you want it. Find out more at http://www.homedirector.net/dish-network-packages.html.

These services are available with Blockbuster@Home, a home movie rental programming that is free for the first three months with a new sign up. You can watch the great movies, games and shows that Blockbuster is famous for, from any location, and even get movies and games in the mail. These services can also be bundled with home internet and home phone service so that you get great products at a cheaper rate.


You need to do a little comparison shopping before you make the huge decision of who you want to provide your programming and communicating needs. When you spend a few extra minutes now, you can save yourself hours of time and hundreds of dollars later.

No two services are equal. You have many things to consider, service reliability, system quality, all used in delivering your perfect services. Are you able to get the same amount of broadband from every provider, for the exact price? Are you thinking about exchanging a reliable service for a lower monthly rate?

When you try to answer these questions, you find they are long and very detailed. Different providers carry different programming with different channels, with all different packages and features. When you look at different providers, they all give you different internet options that can be delivered to you through Satellite or Dial Up. They may promise you great speed and reliability, but, they are effected by the weather and horrid technology.

It’s been said, broadband is the best system for delivery. And the best provider to deliver broadband is Comcast. Other providers won’t offer you the reliable services and fair rates this provider offers. You can find the Best Comcast Deals right here.

When you look at these services, imagine them getting all bundled in one monthly bill through with a bundled service package. This lets you take advantage of a discount monthly rate for three services, that allows you to save money. Comcast even offers you online bill paying which saves you more time.

All this comes to you when you pay a single bill to a single provider.

Television Programming Is Reliable
When you go through Comcast Cable TV, you get a range of On Demand and Pay Per View programming. This can give you all you want in sports and movie premiums. They even offer you International television programming with shows from hundreds of channels.

You can also get your tastes and needs suited to you through Comcast XFINITY TV with a DVR or HD-DVR. This allows you to record from the digital or HD television channels you get and watch them whenever you want. That way, you get the TV programming you are paying for.

You can record and watch your television programs back to back without those pesky reruns and get all the content you want to see, whenever you want to see it. With these devices, you can rewind, pause, and fast forward through all your programming so you never miss a second, even when there is something else for you to do. You can also use the same functions with the Pay Per View and On Demand.

All this is delivered through broadband and the professional installers that come do all the hard work for you.

WiFi Is Easy
Comcast Cable does not just offer WiFi, but one that can support many different devices at once. It’s easy to get your own network and put no effort into it. This gives you the freedom to play, surf, shop, and chat at speeds up to 100 Mbps. No more worrying about usage or waiting to log on. XFINITY High Speed Internet Service gives you a peak into the future of internet with the technology to use it today. It’s also the fastest internet service on the market.

When you go with this service you can also get Parental Controls and Online Security, these features protect your children, your computer, and your personal information. These services cost nothing and allows you to block sites, monitor chats, block viruses and spyware. All through Comcast.

Clear Phone
With broadband, Comcast can give you digital calling. Digital calling gives you more calling clarity and way more calling reliability than analog phone services. It comes to you at a cheaper rate which allows you to get unlimited calling to anywhere in Puerto Rico, US, and Canada, for a set monthly rate. This low rate already includes all the telephone calling features you need to make your calls when they need to be made. You never have to worry about the reception or management.

With so many things that Comcast offers you, you would think they had nothing else to offer. Nope, they also offer multiple phone lines, digital voicemail with online access and International calling.

It’s not hard to get all your needs met through one provider, it gets even better with a Bundled service package that gives you more benefits and discounts that allow you to save even more money. Consider all of your options but instead of looking at dozens of different providers, try Comcast first.



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